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Fleet Update: Hayling Island Fireballs

Fireballs are back in Chichester Harbour! The re-emergence in 2014 of the Hayling Island SC Fireball fleet caught the attention of local and national observers as it swiftly grew to 15 boats and regularly turned out 6 – 8 entrants in club races.

The club is actively encouraging the development of the Fireball fleet – including ‘classics’ – so if you are thinking of changing club for the 2015 season why not consider HISC? With racing at fixed start times every weekend either in Hayling Bay or inside the harbour as well as a multitude of one-off, often high profile, events there is no lack of opportunity to sail.

People who know HISC understand the facilities are second to none: chandler, restaurant, snack bar, on-site parking and accommodation etc. However, two subjects are routinely pondered by prospective new members: subs and berthing. The position on both is not quite as it may appear so perhaps I may respond to unspoken thoughts here!

We realise the annual subscription isn’t cheap (although neither is it the dearest around) but you do get an awful lot for your money. That said, it’s still cash out of the door so, to assist budgeting, subs can be paid monthly by direct debit and that really does ease the pain.

Yes, there is a joining fee and that can be quite off-putting! The good news (part 1) is that if a prospective member is under 30 years of age then there is no joining fee to pay at all. Good news (part 2) is that those who are required to pay a joining fee have the opportunity to recover it through the club’s ‘Racing Incentive Scheme’. In a nutshell, a new member will be refunded one-third of the fee by entering 20 races in the first season, a second third of the fee by entering 20 races in their second season and the remaining third by (you’ve guessed it) entering 20 races in their third season. Bearing in mind two races are held every Sunday it really isn’t hard to clock up 20 races in no time at all. Even Federation Week entries (5 races) count towards the total.

Turning to berthing there is, in common with most clubs, a waiting list. However, that was also the case in 2014 and all new Fireball members were quickly accommodated through a little re-arranging of the Fireball patch which, reflecting the club’s commitment to the class, is to be enlarged in 2015. 

If you want to know more, please contact me at [email protected] or if you’d like to try the club and it’s facilities just pop down to the Open winter series that runs to 14 December.

Chris Turner
FBs 6 & 15111

Posted: 04/11/2014
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