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Why Sail a Fireball?

Probably the highest performance dinghy that just about anyone can sail in almost any wind strength, on any style of race course, on virtually any stretch of water. Ideal for mixed crews, inland club waters or the sea, with entry level boats from just a few hundred pounds and with an active owners association protecting your interests, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is the only dinghy you'll ever need.

With an excellent open meeting circuit, World, European and National Championships, you'll never be short of good competition, boat on boat, crew on crew. With a social side to match you'll have just as much fun off the water. Perhaps this is why over 15000 Fireballs have been sold world wide.

If you're looking to get more out of your sailing then the Fireball could be the boat for you, a genuinely international sailing dinghy with a single trapeze and spinnaker. An adjustable rig rules out the need for complex racks or weight equalisation systems; and class rules allow flexibility to fit the boat out to suit you, making it ideal for smaller helms or crews to sail the boat that they want.

She is good for inland water or the sea. Her performance has proved intriguing for expert helmsmen, yet she is stable enough to be kind to the clumsy novice. Fireball planes at the drop of a hat. Peter Milne of Norris brothers in designing the prototype threw aside the old tradition that a boat sails upright. Fireball is intended to sail best at an angle of about three degrees.

This exciting 16 foot scow was intended to be FAST. Described by one enthusiast as a sailing surfboard frightened by an American Scow, Fireball really goes. With a strong international presence and consistently returning one of the highest UK Nationals turnouts of any two man trapeze dinghy do you really want to sail anything less? The Fireball offers you the chance to expand your sailing, large established circuits, great social scene, classic boat circuit, freedom to choose sails and fittings from a variety of manufacturers. Come and join the fleet and see what you've been missing.

If you want to build a Fireball yourself, it can be done with reasonable Do-It-Yourself skills. Plans are available from the Fireball International Secretary. Contact details here.


  • You will be able to attend the organised events
  • We work with various suppliers to bring you discounts
  • The UKFA Coordinate fireball opens and organise National and inland champs
  • We Keep you upto date on many media platforms

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