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Corrector re-weighing

Please note removal of 3Kg of lead by appointed 'corrector measurers' was only available to 31 December 2015.  All alterations to correctors subsequent to that date are subject to a full hull re-weighing exercise.

What has happened?

Many years ago it was noticed that the Fireball could be made lighter than it was at the time (newer materials / contructions etc...). The rule was amended so that the maximum weight of correctors was increased. This laid the way so that boats were built physically lighter (but had to use heavier correctors), with the intention of changing the rules in the future to reduce the overall weight of the boat. The intention being that very few boats would then be 'grandfathered'. So, the time has finally come to change the overall weight of the boat - by 3Kg, and at the same time, the maximum weight of the correctors has been reduced back to its previous weight (from a maximum of 7.5Kg back to a maximum of 4.5Kg).

What does this mean?

You can take up to 3Kg of lead out of your boat.


You need to get a measurer to sign off the change. Now, luckilly, as the process is very easy, FI have allowed us to appoint additional 'corrector measurers'. They need to have access to a set of calibrated scales, but apart from that, the process is simple, and can be performed anywhere so long as we have a control in place.

The process is this:

1. Present your measurement certificate along with you existing, unaltered correctors

2. The existing correctors will be check weighed, and compared to the measurement certificate

3. You will be allowed to remove up to 3Kg of weight from the correctors (not the weight shown on the measurement certificate)

4. When the measurer is satisfied that the correctors comply with the new rules, they will endorse your measurement certificate.

What effect does 3Kg of weight make to the boat?

The simple answer - nothing you will actually notice.

The reason(s): Though 3Kg is 3.75% of the weight of the hull, it is a very small fraction of the all up sailing weight of the boat:

Weight of the boat - 79.4Kg

Weight of the mast (10Kg or so), boom (5Kg), spinnaker pole (1-2Kg), centre board (4Kg), rudder, stock, tiller and extension (total 3Kg), Ropes (5Kg) - maybe  30Kg in total

Helm + Crew - 140-170Kg (or more / less) + clothing

So, total 'sailing' weight is probably 270Kg. Suddenly 3Kg is only 1% of the total weight, and while you can use some basic newtownian maths to work out effect on acceleration etc... (F=ma); most of the forces to overcome relate to friction, and the effect of 3Kg on these other forces... well, someone else will have to let you know.

Here is the rull change in full

UKFA 10.06.2015


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