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   Racing / 2023 Slovenian Europeans
Please use this Forum to discuss matters relating to the September 2023 Europeans. 

Posted: 06/04/2023 08:53:00
By: Derian
Transportation using Sailboat Deliveries
We've made enquiries with Sailboat Deliveries Ltd  about transportation of Fireballs to the Slovenian Europeans this September. They have quoted us £950, including VAT, per boat for a minimum of 8 boats. This does not include the carnet cost - the exact figure of that is based on the value, quantity and weight of the load, but estimated to be around the £100 mark each.

Loading would be from the Sailboat Deliveries base in Emsworth, where people can leave their road trailers for the duration. They always aim to get out to the event a couple of days before it starts; the exact date will be decided nearer the time. When everyone has booked their flights, they aim to get there when the majority have arrived.

Sailboat Deliveries will then pick up the boats at the end of the last day's sailing and drive the boats back to Emsworth where people can collect at their convenience.

They need a 50% deposit per boat upon booking to secure places and will ask for the remainder to be paid 2 months prior to departure. 

If you would like to use this method of transport to get your boat to Slovenia, please email the committee: [email protected]

Posted: 06/04/2023 08:54:28
By: Derian
Some people have expressed an interest in double or triple stacking boats to the event. Please  use this forum to buddy up with people. 
Please familiarise yourself with the regulations on transporting goods to the EU - things to consider are the need for a carnet and proof of ownership.

Posted: 06/04/2023 08:57:02
By: Derian


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