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   Technical / Windward main sheeting
Hi All
I have seen quite a few boats now with windward mainsail sheeting. I was wondering if it is worth the effort and when do you use it? Does it tempt you to oversheet the main and kill airflow completely?  At the moment I know when the main is in the centre as it won't come in any further. Lol
comments please
Graham Slater 15045 

Posted: 18/03/2020 17:32:13
By: Graham
Graham, I am new to the fleet so there are better qualified people out there to answer this, but from my experience in the 505 (yes I know it's a different boat!) we used windward mainsail sheeting in light weather to centre the boom without putting on too much leech tension and stalling the main. In early days of Fireball sailing I had a centre main tube with traveller and again I could pull that over to windward in light weather.  I have recently acquired 15161, a Weathermark which has a windward sheeting arrangement.  Fads seem to come and go! To me it makes sense, but I have yet to try it in anger against other fireballs.  

Posted: 29/04/2022 13:03:19
By: Peter


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