Tiger Trophy at Rutland Water

Having complained all series about not having much wind Rutland provided it with revenge! It was bonkers, the wind was gusting over 35 knots and the RO put a course in the upper part of the lake rather than in the big pond area. Two races were held on Saturday in the extreme conditions. Hats off to Kev and Andy for being the only fireball to complete all the races and finishing 7th overall.

We had a good turnout but with the conditions even the most experience amongst us found it challenging with damaged boats and exhausted crews from multiple swims.

The pursuit race on Sunday was a more sensible day with a good breeze and the Fireball faring well. Ian and Waggers got a 6th and Dave & Paul a 10th

John Hayes & Joel James finished 37th overall managing to complete 2 races. The rest of us including Isaac & Ollie, Simon Foskett & Simon Forbes, Tony Goodwin & Charlie Plows all had to count two last places so finished up well down the fleet of 150 boats.

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