UKGlobal's 2019-20 Fireball insurance scheme

As the new season approaches many of you will receive insurance renewal reminders for your Fireball.

UKGlobal teamed up with the UK Fireball Association a few years ago and now insures a good proportion of the fleet. This year a new underwriter has become involved with the result that most existing policyholders are seeing a reduction in their premium!

UKFA members also receive discounts from UK Global so the cost of insurance - which is on a 'new for old' basis - really is very competitive. Indeed we have already seen a number of Fireballers join UKFA as 'Local Members' since the saving on their insurance premium from being a UKFA member has outweighed the £8 Local Membership subscription!

Details of UKGlobal's 2019-20 terms and their contact numbers may be found at:

UKGlobal Fireball insurance scheme

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