2018 UK National Championship
Penzance SC

21/07/2018 - 27/07/2018


World Championship, Carnac, France
YC Carnac, Brittany

22/08/2018 - 31/08/2018


Staunton Harold SC Open (Golden Dolphin)
Staunton Harold SC

22/09/2018 - 23/09/2018


Draycote Water SC Inland Championship
Draycote Water SC

13/10/2018 - 14/10/2018

McLaughlin Southworth Trophy

Just three weeks or so until the 2018 Nationals at Penzance and here's a sneak preview of the magnificent new 'Mclaughlin Southworth Trophy' to be awarded to the most improved team (replacing the long-lost Brixham Trophy) very kindly donated by Chris McLaughlin.

Ian Southworth and Chris McLaughlin finished 2nd overall at the 1984 Nationals having just stepped into a Fireball for the first time.

In donating the trophy, Chris said "Its a great class and we both loved that one time sailing. I realised this week that Andy B , Ian S and myself were all recovering from not getting selected for the Los Angeles Olympics slot a few weeks before in Weymouth. We were all pretty focused.....".

Something of an understatement!

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