2018 Subs and UK Global Insurance

A gentle reminder that UKFA subs are due on 1 January.

For the 75% of members who pay by direct debit the good news is that (a) your subs will be collected automatically and (b) the payment will be taken on the anniversary of the first payment you made by direct debit (for most of you that means - cough! splutter! - 'some time' after 1 January). We'll live with that though.

However, for those who opt to pay by cheque (remember them?) or standing order please may I encourage you to switch to direct debit now. As well as saving the association a lot of time and expense chasing around, you will not have to worry about missing your annual subs renewal ever again!

While writing, please bear in mind UKFA's arrangement with UK Global when you get round to renewing your Fireball insurance. Premiums are very competitive in the first place but are even more attractive to UKFA members due to the discount available. It is quite possible to recover the cost of your UKFA membership simply by taking advantage of the association's link with UK Global.

Further details on paying subs by direct debit and the UK Global Fireball insurance scheme may be found elsewhere on this website.

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