Our missing trophies are turning up!

We had quite a response to our plea to find missing trophies. It sparked some interesting debates and got people talking. The great news is that we've now had 2 trophies unearth themselves. Thank you!

The first is the Anya Charlotte Trophy for the winner of race 8 at the UK National Championships. We had a tip off and trophy has now made it back to the association. We've been told that Anya is very happy!

An unexpected bonus has been the appearance of The Red Ball Trophy. This is a trophy we didn't even know existed and it's fantastic to have a piece of Fireball history turn up. So here's the next challenge to you all, what was it awarded for?

We think it is a club open meeting trophy as it's inscribed 'Annual Fireball Open Meeting' and some of the dates bridge the year-end so it probably comes from a club that sailed summer and winter seasons. The winners' names (below) hint at it being a south or south-west club (maybe Highcliffe?).

  • 1970-71 Nick Kerley
  • 1971-72 Pete Sandy
  • 1972-73 Ian Gray
  • 1973-4 Ken Brackwell
  • 1974 Ken Brackwell
  • 1978 Kim Slater and Nick Read-Wilson

As a reminder, we are still missing the following trophies:

  • The Golden Dolphin (a wooden dolphin mounted on a wooden base)
  • The Rondar Trophy (can anyone even remember what this looks like?)
  • Trophy for top placed lady helm in the World Championships

Please pass on any information about the trophies to [email protected]. Remember, your anonymity is assured!

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