Notts County Open

Fireball Open at Notts County Sailing Club 7th & 8th August

Saturday saw visitors from 4 different clubs join the local fleet at Hoveringham next to the River Trent. Race 1 of the weekend started in a light breeze, Becky Priest and Tim Saunders led from the start line to the finish. Local Kevin Hope who had teamed up with Fireball builder Richard Wagstaff of Winder boats for the weekend, eventually overhauled Phil Popple and Gavin Tilson to press Becky and Tim, but were not able to get to the front. Simon & Fiona Hextall from the home club claimed 4th. 

Race 2 Had many place changes with the wind now increasing to a trapezing breeze. Eventually recent pairing of Becky Partridge & Geoff Edwards took the lead on lap 2 and were holding off the challenge from Kevin and Richard until the last beat when they were just beaten to the finish line which had been shortened to the windward mark.

Race 3 Kevin and Richard managed to round the windward mark in front of Becky and Tim and as the breeze died away towards the end of the race they held their position for the rest of the race winning easily when the race was shortened.

Sunday, brought lovely sunny conditions, but the wind was from every direction and then none. With not enough wind to start any races only the Saturday races counted leaving Kevin Hope and Richard Wagstaff as overall winners. As always a warm welcome from the club with plenty of great food and drinks to keep the competitors suitably fueled for the weekend.

Full Results

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