Lyme Regis Open Report


12th and 13th June

A small but select band of Fireball teams took the opportunity to take advantage of Lyme Regis Sailing club and their wonderful hospitality before all the boats returned from the World championship in Barbados.

The fleet shared the race course with the Scorpions and on Saturday were greeted with a very light, fickle and shifty Northerly breeze. Combined with the tidal current it made for some challenging racing. Race 1 saw Becky Priest & Tim Saunders take an early lead which they extended to what looked like a safe distance, however big holes in the wind combined with a big shift allowed Ian Priest & Lucy Lingard to slip through and take the gun. The second race of the day again saw Priest & Saunders take the lead, however this time they had Dave Hall & Paul Constable on their tale. The lead changed several times until just before the finish when Hall & Constable slipped through to win. The club put on an excellent BBQ for Saturday night in contrast to the Football!

The original forecast for Sunday was not promising, however Lyme Bay put on a glorious sunny day with the wind rising from 8 up to 12+ knots. Dave Hall and Paul Constable took the gun in the first 2 races after hard fort and close battles with Becky Priest & Tim Saunders who yet again had to be satisfied with more second places. The final race of the day went to Priest & Saunders who eventually broke their string of 2nds. Hall & Constable came in 2nd giving them the overall win.

A fine weekend thanks to the organisation of Lyme Regis Sailing club.

1st 13684 Dave Hall & Paul Constable
2nd 14954 Becky Priest & Tim Saunders
3rd 14909 Ian Priest & Lucy Lingard
4th 14876 Chris Walker & Adam Walker
5th 14874 Dave Whitcomb & Garry Russan

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