Staunton Harold SC Open
Staunton Harold SC

21/03/2020 - 22/03/2020


Hayling Island SC Open
Hayling Island SC

02/05/2020 - 03/05/2020


Brightlingsea SC Open (Golden Dolphin)
Brightlingsea SC

06/06/2020 - 07/06/2020


Blackwater SC Open Meeting
Blackwater SC

20/06/2020 - 21/06/2020


UK National Championship
Weymouth & Portland NSA

25/07/2020 - 28/07/2020


French Fireball Nationals

 “After two days racing at the French Nationals the British Team of Tim Rush and Russell Thorne (GBR 14807) had a comfortable lead over the rest of t he 32 boats competing having won 3 out of the six races. Racing started in earnest on Monday following Sundays practice race. With the racing starting at 14.30 each day the wind has a chance to build to a light NE 8-10 knots with bright sunshine and 23 degC for the first which was won by Rush and Thorne followed by The French pairing of Allain and Ledrun (FRA15005) and Thuillier and Bertholot in third. The wind started to swing during the second race towards the North and Foussier and Foussier (FRA 15)won this race followed by Rush and Throne and Peculier and Brioise (FRA14671). By the Third race the wind had settled in the North West and built to a 12-15 knots, the new experimental format of sausage – triangle – finish kept most of the boats together although 4 boats broke away and the race was won by Thullier and Berthelot followed by Peculier and Briouse with UK sailors Chris and Dan Walker (GBR 14876) narrowly beating Rush and Thorne into 4 place.

The weather on Tuesday was overcast with winds forecast 12-17 knots from the North West which duly happened according to the forecast. In the first race Rush and Thorne came from behind to show the rest of the field a clean pair of heals followed by Gault and Bihoreau (FR14671) and Gundell and Perdon (FRA 15014) in third place. With the wind building the runs became very tactical and picking the right side of the course and playing the shifts important. The second race was again won by Rush and Thorne with Gault and Bihoreau in second and the Walkers in Third place. In the third race Thuillier and Bertholot got a flying start and led the whole race by a good margin . They were followed home by the Walkers in second place who again narrowly beat Rush and Thorne into 3rd place.

 Overall going into the lay day (Weds) Rush and Thorne led  from Thullier and Bethelot with Peculier and Briouse on third place overall. The UK teams of Walker and Walker (Staunton Harold) and Pete Slack and David Slack (Staunton Harold) are lying in 7th and 12th place respectively.”

 Thursday was hot and sunny with light winds. The race officer managed to get 2 races away. In the first race the wind shifted before the first start and with tensions high several starts were attempted before the back flag was raised bringing discipline to the fleet. The first race was won by Allain and Ledru followed by the Fouassiers and Thullier and Berthelot in third. In the second race (race 8)Allain and Ledru were obviously enjoying the conditions and led the fleet around. They were followed by Rush and Thorne, by now building a championship winning position and Peculier and Berthelot in third.

Friday was an “early” start with the prospect of the latest racing time being 14.30, the race officer wasted no time in getting the fleet away in winds of 7-8 knots. The Fouassiers again enjoyed the light conditions and came first followed by Allain and Ledru and Thullier and Berthelotin third. In the 10th and final race the predisted 17-20 knots failed to materialise give the light wind specialists another good race with Thuulier and Berthelot taking first place from the Fouassiers and Allain and Ledruin third. Rush and Thorne had already won overall and went in to change their sails expecting another race, but time ran out with 10 races completed AND a layday everyone enjoyed the venue, weather and racing.

Overall results were:

1st Tim Rush and Russell Thorne 14807        GBR
2nd Remy Thullier and Loic Bethelot 14917 FRA
3rd Martin and Dominique Fouassier 15 FRA

8th Chris and Dan Walker 14876 GBR

14th Pete and David Slack 15016 GBR

Full Results

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