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22/12/2012 16:49:05

Jeremy Hurst
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Looking ahead to next years nationals, I'm keen to hear what you liked (and didn't like) about previous championships, what we could do better and what you want included for 2013. So please speak up now and let us know what socials and events you want in your programme. 

24/12/2012 10:45:21

Dale Giles
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I don't think the buddy system worked very well. In the Scorpion class they have I believe a trophy to aim for. This goes to the most improved team. 

25/12/2012 06:26:30

Barry Smith
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Hi All,
What running a crew helm race a lot of crew are good helms but just to big plus both helm and crew would learn a lot sailing a fireball.
I have sailed Miracle Nationals at Brixham 2005 there a evening the top helm and crews of the fleet talk about making boat go fast.
Plus as fleet we got to finish this love affair with Cornmall.

All the Best in 2013 Barry Smith

(Jango Fett 14430 Millenuim Falcon 14889 May force be with you)

26/12/2012 06:31:17

Barry Smith
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Hi again,
We did not any T-shirt at this year Nationals in are 50th year.
Why not a get big sponsor to do the T-shirt.
Penzanse sailing club did a great job on and off the water.
I did European Championship though a great trip the Race Office made it hard for himself and got it very wrong and I hope the International Commitee will have learn lesson from it.
I think we got make everyboby welcome from the top sailors to 1st timers make a fun week but get the racing right 1st and a lot people will go away happy.

Best Regards Barry 

27/12/2012 22:07:35

Tim Saunders
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Hi Jeremy.

At Looe we have the opportunity to make use of the beach for some beach games etc.

Prize for best buddy team as mentioned by Dale is also a good idea i'm sure we have had something on occasions in the past.

A rules talk on the Saturday also a good idea, and a reminder of gate start procedures can also help for those not used to them. A practice start, 1 lap race also works well for this.

One sit down semi formal meal during the week would be great. 

I though daily prize givings and the yellow jersey presentations went very well,but perhaps we need to be a bit more specific with the times so people can have plenty of time to eat before hand.

incentives/prizes for the best represented/most improved club turnout/performance.

oh and we need a few generous sponsors for the prize categories which don't yet have a trophy!!



01/01/2013 19:27:35

Matt Burge
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What worked well at the GP14's is having a daily prize-giving at 7pm each night (ideally find a company to sponsor the prizes for each night; e.g. race prizes for the top 3 in gold, silver and bronze fleets, top buddy team, and a "dick of the day" prize for whoever did something stupid/funny!)

This gets people down the club and they are then more likely to stick around for whatever the social is afterwards.
I suggest we have an organised social every-other night then people can arrange their own pub/curry-based activities on the other nights.

The night before the layday the GP's did a beer-fuelled 'sports night' where either buddy teams or gold versus silver versus bronze fleet teams competed against each other at three-legged races / egg & spoon races etc etc - childish but fun when boozed. This was followed by a band.

27/03/2013 23:11:59

Jeremy Hurst
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Thanks to everyone for their ideas. Rest assured much of your input will be put into the programme at Looe so make sure to be there!
There'll be an update to the Nationals web page with details of the programme coming very soon.

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