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Home >> Technical >> Spinnaker numbers
10/07/2012 14:04:01

Dave Ryder
Posts: 0
Do you need to ensure that the spinnaker number of a second hand spinnaker matches the boat number for 
 nationals/worlds or is it generally allowable to sail with a different spinnaker number so long as it does not clash with any boats sailing. 

If its necessary to change the number is it an easy job  to do without damaging the sail.  I suspect it may be a job for a sailmaker to undertake. 

10/07/2012 22:13:09

Nick Hurst
Posts: 0
Dave, the SI's usually state that kite numbers must match, but you can request from the RO dispensation to use non-matching numbers provided there isn't another boat sailing with that number.
Re getting old numbers off, it seems to depend how long they've been on and whether they're stuck on or drawn / painted. I mananged to change some stick-on type on a very old mainsail I had on 14268 but it was a heck of a job & I blistered my hand badly with all the rubbing (ooh errr!).

Good luck!


11/07/2012 13:02:01

Chris Turner
Posts: 0
Hi Dave,

I used some P&B sail number remover when changing the numbers on a 15 year old (but hardly used) mainsail last year.  The end result was very good and took no time at all.  


14/07/2012 23:04:28

Ian Priest
Posts: 0
Spinnaker numbers are usually sewn rather than glued on. With a bit of patience, it's possible to get them off without damaging the sail by cutting the stitching using some nail scissors.
You can then use a permanent marker to write the new numbers on - use the numbers off another sail as a template so they end up the right size and spacing. It's also much quicker if you break the end off the pen and get the inside out of it.
One warning though - the ink bleeds through the cloth and it takes a long time and a lot of solvent to clean permanent marker off stone floor tiles in a rented house in Teignmouth!!

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