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16/05/2012 15:16:15

Rebus Devereux
Posts: 0
Can anyone advise on the best spinnaker for a Fireball? I've priced up a few and my list (inc VAT) is
447.60 Banks Sails
468 Speed Sails (one colour)
487.43 P&B (the larger, more popular one of the two)
498 North Sails One Design
518.40 Ullman Sails
Is there a spinnaker of choice or is it all down to price?
Many thanks.

17/05/2012 11:48:26

Barry Smith
Posts: 0
Hi Rebus,
At the moment there only 2 sail makers in the UK fireball fleet and they are Norths or P&B.
If you phone both the sail makers they tell the best spinny for you and the sailing you are doing.

Myself I have 3 different sizes of Norths Spinny and 2 sizes of P&B for different crew weight what course is set and wind speed.

I hope this helps 

Barry Smith (14889 Millenium Falcon) 

17/05/2012 14:24:31

Rebus Devereux
Posts: 0
Thanks Barry,
Does that mean that the other sail-makers spinnakers are no good? All of the websites just seem to list one size of sail, that includes North Sails who say,

"The DS-5 was tested during the 2011 season it showed excellent speed and all round performance and is our new all purpose spinnaker for 2012. It is easy to trim and has excellent acceleration on a reach with the ability to keep the power on and go deep on the broad legs when required. It is an ideal choice for those who sail inland or on courses with a lot of reaches."

P& B offer 2:
"We offer two designs, constructed from 0.9oz Dynalite, a stable and durable cloth and available in a choice of colours,or Bainbridge Airx 620ns. This cloth has a firm finish,  good silicone coating and combines top performance with good longevity. (Available in red white and blue) 

? Design S: Cut to minimum half height, ideal for lightweight crews, and is very fast on shy reaches. 

? Design M: A medium spinnaker, a superb all rounder and the more popular of the two."

Do they do other sizes for different condition/crew sizes as well? It's going to be a pricey business at this rate :(

Thanks for the advice though!!


17/05/2012 15:24:45

Barry Smith
Posts: 0
Hi Rebus,
I would only buy one all round spinny from either North or P&B.
Because if windy on reach and cannot fly the spinny the fireball can go just fast with 2 sails (main&jib).

Keep it simple sailing (KISS)

Regards Barry Smith 

17/05/2012 15:40:14

Richard Anderton
Posts: 0
Hi Rebus,

I agree with Barry's last post. Pick one main-stream spinnaker, and stick to it.

I have been involved in the development of the North kite, and having tried many different sizes and styles, the all rounder that they are using for 2012 is a great option.

You can often pick up good second hand sails at or after large events - Nationals / Europeans / Worlds etc. I will be selling my spinnaker at the end of July after the Europeans. We will only have used it for that week, and a couple of opens before hand. The sail will be in great condition, and available for 300 - 350 depending on how windy the event is.

The other makes of sail were clearly good when they were represented in the fleet, but it is really only Norths and P&B who have done any development recently.

Best regards,


18/05/2012 14:00:58

Rebus Devereux
Posts: 0
Thanks for your advice both!

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