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Home >> Technical >> Winder Repairs -advice please!
04/03/2012 22:00:11

Lynda Beck
Posts: 0
We have some minor damage to the rear deck of our winder, small dents and cracks where the boom has dropped onto it when lowering the mainsail. Also there is wear and tear to the central control "console" where the rig tension adjustments feed to - the gel coat is cracking and peeling. Finally the shock cord on the spinnaker uptake is getting too slack to do its job properly.
We contacted Winder last August (2011) to try and arrange to get these problems rectified, but they have clearly been too busy to bother responding to a couple of newbie fireball sailors...
We're happy to try and replace the shock cord ourselves, but need to know the correct length we need to replace it with. We would also welcome any suggestions on the best way to repair the damaged gel coat before it becomes a real problem - we spent as much as our budget would allow on buying the best boat we could get - we don't want to end up with a major repair bill... Can anyone please advise? Thanks!

05/03/2012 13:56:16

Dale Giles
Posts: 0
Hi Lynda

In response to your shock cord problem. I replace my elastic once a year, need about 6 meters of 6mm elastic, with 100% stretch. What you can do is shorten your elastic, due to the elastic stretching over time. Every couple of months I cut about 20 cm off. As long as my kite goes up and the elastic takes up the spare halyard it's ok for me. 

In response to your Gel Coat, you can buy a repair kit from P&B. It's easy to fill in the dents etc, the part that is hard is making it look nice. YouTube videos are good to watch. Hope that helps.

08/03/2012 22:04:52

Andy Willcocks
Posts: 0
Hi Lynda,
I can offer you advice for free, or i can do a professional repair. 
I am Winder approved for repairs.


08/03/2012 22:14:02

Andy Willcocks
Posts: 0
Sorry Lynda, i forgot the forum no longer contains contact numbers etc...
You can reach me on 01275 791817 or 07500 100636

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