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Home >> Technical >> Is it Time UK sort out the Weighting problem
07/12/2010 11:44:14

Barry Smith
Posts: 0
Hi All,
Is it time the UK sort out the problem of getting boats re weighted.
I sailed Fireballs in the 70s and club fleets had a guy who would be the a fireball measurer.
Is time for Main fleet clubs (eg Draycote, Northampton)to have fireball measurer or should it too be done at a National level eg Openings.
With news of a 2kg weight loss in future(November Y&Y) it be good time get things sorted as there will be lot fireballs to be re weighted.
Merry Christmas to All What a Great Year of Fireball sailing Barbados, Falmouth many great Opens and Club Events thanks to all Helms and Crews plus all the people I met alone the way.

Barry Smith FB 14430 Jango Fett         

09/12/2010 09:43:26

Dale Giles
Posts: 0
I think the weight of your boat is a nice thing to know (sounds weird). I changed the compass on my boat to a Tack Tick. The old compass weighted 586 grams. Now I know the boat was spot on weight before I changed the compass as the owner before me had done the national nearly every year. But changing the slightest thing such as the compass may mean my boat is under weight, and as my boat has maximum corrects, strut on foredeck etc, I have to start mixing sand and epoxy. To do that at the nationals will be hard if the boat is under weight. 

What might be a good idea is, if we have a set of scales that go around the country from one FB club to another and then those people wanting to weight their boats could do.  

09/12/2010 22:23:54

Tim Saunders
Posts: 0

At the moment we haven't seen a rule change proposal to be able to vote on so no changes just yet!

Of course if the proposal comes through at some point and reweighing is required then we will have to look at how this is done on a wide scale.

If anyone does want to have their boat reweighed as they have made changes over the years. You need to contact an approved measurer. The RYA holds a list of these available to download here:


10/12/2010 19:23:42

Becky Priest
Posts: 0
The one you need to download is on the right hand side of the page under downloads 'RYA approved international class measurers'

Unless I was being particularly dim, what it said in the main text doesn't lead you here.

14/03/2011 19:12:38

Steven Crossley
Posts: 0
Extending this to sail measurement - I looked on the RYA page and we don't seem to have any! I know we do but where can one find out who they are?

15/03/2011 18:29:17

Becky Priest
Posts: 0
I thought it was on the website somewhere.

Anyway, I can measure your sails, where are you based? Are you doing any opens / training in the near future.
If you're miles from me I might be able to point you towards someone else.


22/03/2011 17:15:10

Steven Crossley
Posts: 0
Hi Becky,
The person needing sails measured is Chris Owen and he is planning to sail the Northampton open. Can you supply a contact number or email to me and I'll ask him to get intouch.

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