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03/02/2016 12:52:28

Dale Giles
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At the AGM in Tenby we spoke about looking at adding Twin Poles, has anything come of this? 

We seem to be a very slow progressing class and we may get left behind by other boats being quicker on the development and progression. 

25/02/2016 16:27:15

Johnny Prescott
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Hi there-I may be a bit old fashioned but my new boat purchased in 1975 at Moores of Wroxham had a single pole system as standard which I quickly converted to a twin pole system along with all the other fireballs that were at the club I was in at the time(Delph) Admittedly we all had chutes which were the rage then; but used in conjunction with the twin pole system it was very fast and slick to operate.Nobody ever said it was illegal back then in fact innovation was actively encouraged! Nobody got their knuckles wrapped when they attended the Nationals that I know of either! To be discussed at an AGM am I therefore to assume that these days twin pole systems have been banned for some reason? If so- why? 
To have a twin pole system on a 'ball only makes a great boat even better! Stay upright guys! All the best from Johnny 

25/02/2016 16:58:39

Nick Hurst
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As I understand it the clarication arose from the rules which talk about 'a' or 'the' spinnaker pole, in the singular. This has been interpreted to mean that only one is allowed, even though one has been the norm for some time.

26/02/2016 11:58:18

Dale Giles
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This is what the rules say: 


19.1 Length
When fixed to the mast the distance between the extreme outboard end, including fittings, and
the nearest point of the mast at the mast fixing attachment, shall not exceed 2025mm.

(This part is ok)

19.2 Section Size

The spinnaker boom, complete with fittings, shall be capable of passing through a ring 64mm in

(Here we mention "The" but could this be argued?) 

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