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Home >> General >> 'One day' arrived
20/09/2015 20:47:35

Dean Bisseker
Posts: 0
As a teenager in the second half of 1970?s I spent several summers in Padstow. Along with my two brothers I learnt to sail on the Camel estuary, perhaps not an ideal learning ground, but we didn?t know that. For several summers we owned and sailed a GP14, and we admired many a Fireball that came streaking past us. I always promised myself that one day I would get one.

Of course, ?one day? never came, years spread into decades and I pretty much forgot about it. Other than a very rare instance of hiring a boat on a lake (Bala, Pugneys at Wakefield), I haven?t even done much sailing since those times.

Then, I came across a farmer selling up, in his barn, covered in 25 years of dust, was not an old Bentley, like all the books tell you, but something that actually brought just as big a smile to my face. Even after so many years?the unique, instantly recognisable, sleek shape of the boat that whispers ?I want to skip over the waves, please sail me fast?.

Her deck after so long neglect has lost its shine, but other than that she?s solid. The wood as good as new as far as I can see. So we made an agreement, I will make her shine again, and she will sing for me as we skip over waves, sailing fast, as she was born to do.

21/09/2015 08:58:27

Nick Hurst
Posts: 0

Reading your post made me smile, too. Some details of the boat would be appreciated by some who check in here now and again - number, builder, location, etc.

Please keep us up to date with progress and if you can post photos on the UK Fireball Class Facebook page that would be great, too.

Good luck with the restoration.


21/09/2015 18:31:43

Dean Bisseker
Posts: 0
Will do Nick. I'm not picking her up until October 10/11 so I'll have more info. then, I'm dealing with the nephew of the farmer and he promised to get more info for me. I think the sail number is 13123, but there were two sets of sails and I didn't check the number on the hull (I think it's on there somewhere?).

I'm intending to get it professionally re-varnished, probably not financially worthwhile, but I'm doing it for myself, not to re-sell. Other than the dull/faded deck, the only other obvious issue was a missing shroud spreader end cap, but I'll know more when I actually get it. Wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the rigging needs replacing.

As for Fireballs in general, I guess they aren't as popular as they were back then, looking from the outside it seems the 'Laser' in various forms has taken over the world. Anyway, maybe it won't keep up with more modern boats, but I'm quite happy to at last fulfill my boyhood dream, and I'm sure it's performance will be fine for me.

22/09/2015 17:24:10

Johnny Prescott
Posts: 0
Well done Dean! That's the sort of story we all love to hear- and a woody as well. They still look the best in my view! Good luck with her. 

21/01/2016 13:58:35

Steven Crossley
Posts: 0
Hi Dean,
Did you pickup this boat and confirm the hull number as 13123. I ask because a Fireball with this number has come up for sale in Cheshire?

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