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Home >> General >> How do you become a sail measurer?
03/07/2014 13:02:14

Dale Giles
Posts: 0
It seems down in the South / South West area we are short of sail measurers. So what do you have to do to become one? 

Do you go on a course or do you learn it from someone else? 

03/07/2014 16:56:38

Chris Turner
Posts: 0
How do you become a sail measurer? Date Posted: 03 Jul 14 16:19  
Hi Dale,

I was asking this very question in the early part of last season and concluded there didn't appear to be a set path as far as Fireball is concerned.

I have now received a UKFA measurement stamp. To get it I attended a RYA Sail Measurers course which provides theory and some practical experience/testing after which attendees have to measure a prescribed number of sails in the company of an existing RYA measurer before finally being signed off. This course doesn't qualify an attendee to measure Fireball sails though so I haven't progressed the second part of the training (since I'm not interested in measuring Solo sails etc and it was the theory and practical testing I wanted) and, instead, assisted Gav measure a bunch of sails at last year's Nats and, more recently, spent a few hours with Tim Rush receiving one-to-one guidance.

As I said there doesn't appear to be a defined approach for becoming a Fireball sail measurer but that's the way I chose to do it.

I should add I liaised with Jez during the whole process.

Chris Turner
FBs 6 & 15111


04/07/2014 08:40:38

Nick Hurst
Posts: 0
Dale (*and anyone else interested),

We are  very short of measurers - especially in the South West, but we could really do with doubling up in every region, to relieve the load on the existing people.

So, if anyone is interested in joining the small but select team of UKFA sail measurers, please get in touch with any committee member.


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