Boats for sale at a glance

Fireballs for sale are advertised in a number of different places.  This fragmented situation has developed over the years and isn't going to change.  It does, however, make it that much harder for a would-be Fireball purchaser to assess what is on the market and to benchmark values.  To compound matters, there are some boats available to purchase but which are not actively marketed!

For the 2018 Dinghy Show UKFA reviewed all publicly available 'for sale' listings, added in a few known 'off-market' situations and compiled a consolidated list that was displayed on the association's stand.  This was well received so we will try to keep it going but on-line.  

The purpose of the list is simply to direct purchasers to whichever forum the vendor is listing their Fireball on.  It will be updated periodically but is clearly not a substitute for actually reviewing all sources as new advertisements will appear and will take time to be reflected in the list.

The boats below are all FRP or FRP composite.  This is a deliberate approach as we rarely receive enquiries for boats that are not FRP.  They are  all UK-based (any located in Northern Ireland are marked). 

Key to source advertisement:

  • UKFA - This web site
  • FDC - The Fireball Dinghy Centre Facebook page
  • AD - Apollo Duck
  • * - Not publicly advertised please contact Chris Turner, UKFA Chairman at [email protected] or on 07740 785763

 List correct as at 1 June 2018


15099 £9,000 *

15094 £8,150 AD

15089 £8,995 AD & FDC

15021 £5,950 AD

15016 £6,000 FDC

14994 £6,300 FDC

14873 £4,000 FD

14801 £4,500 AD & FDC 

14695 (Ballymena) £1995 FDC

14328 £1,200 FDC

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