2019 Worlds - Pointe Claire YC, Quebec, Canada

The 2019 International Fireball World Championship regatta has been awarded to Pointe Claire Yacht Club of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Pointe Claire Yacht Club (PCYC), founded in 1879, has served as host for many national and international sailing events, including the Fireball Worlds held in 1986. The club is dedicated to promoting racing and has many past members of the Canadian national sailing team, certified national and international sailing race officials, and an active and vibrant membership. PCYC has the largest fleet of Fireballs in North America, and is looking forward to greeting sailors from all over the world.
The Fireball is an exciting two person sailing dinghy with active fleets located in 15 countries on 5 continents. The most recent world championships have been held in South Africa, Wales, Thailand, Slovenia and Western Australia, and next year’s regatta will be in Carnac, France. Over 15,000 boats have been built, making the Fireball one of the most successful classes ever. The boat is sailed by both men and women, and a wide range of ages. 
The racing will take place from 20th-30th August, 2019. A short warm-up event will be held to allow all the sailors to become familiar with the local sailing conditions, followed by ten races over five days to determine the new champions.

28 September 2017

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