Selden develop new spinnaker pole


New Twaron Composite Fireball Spinnaker Pole from Seldén

Developed in conjunction with current National Champion Dave Wade, this new product has been designed due to a high demand from Fireball sailors for a better solution.

Due to a narrow shroud base the Fireball requires a very stiff pole in order to cope with the compression loads. Currently many teams use a 42mm tapered pole with a Kevlar wrap in order to achieve the required stiffness. The new Twaron pole offers sailors a 25% weight saving on existing alternatives while matching the inertia of the wrapped alloy tubes. The Twaron product has been in testing since the Nationals last year and feedback has been very positive.

Rob Gardner, 2007 Fireball World Champion commented, ‘The Twaron pole is much lighter than what I have used previously and I was impressed by how easy it was to gybe. The pole ends are very reliable, never dropping the guy accidentally but working extremely well when required, I have already ordered a Twaron pole to come with my new boat.’

Seldén manufacture the Twaron Composite pole using their advanced filament winding technology. This fully automated CNC process lays fibre with engineering precision. Each fibre is coated with the exact amount of pre-preg resin needed to optimise the performance of the finished laminate. Auto-clave curing then ensures the finished spar is strong and consistent.

The Twaron pole will be exhibited on the Fireball stand at the 2009 RYA Volvo Dinghy Show. Seldén produce many carbon dinghy spars across a wide range of classes. If you would like more information on the Twaron Fireball Pole or other products in the Seldén range then please contact Ben McGrane on 01329 504021 or e-mail [email protected]


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