2011 Fireball Nationals - Entry from 99

When and where is it?

20th - 26th August at Pentewan Sands Sailing Club , near St.Austell, Cornwall.  Event pages

So tell us about the event. What's special about this year?

Entry fees start from just £99 for those sailing classic Fireballs or for teams where both sailors are under 26. Now that’s a great deal!

Well that sounds pretty good, but I like my championships to be more than just about the sailing. What else is on offer then?

Off the water entertainment includes a BBQ on the beach, a tour of the St Austell Brewery, Buddy night, a beach games evening as well as the Commodores Reception and the final prizegiving and party with live music. If you want to you can submit your own tunes to make up our event play list. Pentewan Sands Sailing Club will be providing great value food and drinks throughout the week with the clubhouse being the main focal point for the weeks activity. 

Sounds like I might not get too much sailing if I get involved in all that lot! Ok so how does the racing work on the water? I ain't going to be winning but I can sail a bit!

On the water everyone races as one fleet. Off the water results are divided into Gold, Silver and Bronze Fleets so that everyone has something to race for. In addition there are category prizes for Classic Fireballs, Youth sailors, Lady Helm & Lady Crew and much more. Plus there are individual race trophies for the ten races. Starts will either be line or gate starts depending on the fleet size or a mixture of both. We also buddy up people for the week to share knowledge and experiences. 

That’s pretty comprehensive, there is just one problem, I don’t have a Fireball. Any ideas?

This year as part of the entry we are running a scroungers challenge. The idea being that you attend the Championship in a boat you don’t own, As with all classes, sadly you will find the occasional Fireball unloved and unraced in your clubs dinghy park. Your next task is to find the owner and persuade them to let you use it. We will be presenting a prize to best scrounge of the week.  For those looking for longer term ownership theclassifieds section of the website is a great place to start! 

Ok, I think I might know someone who knows someone to get that bit sorted. What about somewhere to stay?

Pentewan Sands holiday park is right next door and there are some cottages and B/Bs in Pentewan itself.  There are a number of campsites near Pentewan within beer taxi distance/wobbly cycle path journey – an important consideration for those attending all the socials!! In addition there are lots of places in nearby Me vagissey.

Ok I want to enter, what else do I need to do?

Online Entry is available from today through the class website www.fireballnationals.org.uk. Make sure you also sign up for class association membership before the event. 

How do I let others know about the event?

Visit the event page on the website, or invite them on Facebook, forward them details of this article, put anevent poster up at your sailing club. See a little more about the event in this presentation

This is the 49th Fireball National Championship, mmm that must mean there's going to be a big party next year, no???

That’s the plan, we are booked in at Penzance Sailing Club, come along and find out more about that in August! 

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