Fireball Events in April and May

Chairmans introduction 

2015 is one of the most exciting years for the UK Fireball Association in a long time. Before the big event of the season in August we have a whole season of excellent events. The season kicked off at Staunton Harold Sailing Club last weekend with some spectacular conditions and some close racing.
In a few weeks time we have with the Inland Championships at Grafham Water. The Inlands are early this season and will allow top teams to challenge each other’s skills, sails and boat designs to see what adjustments they will need to make before the summers big event. For others its might be the first time on the water this season or even their first open meeting in the Fireball, everyone is of course very welcome!  The event will be run by our Worlds Race officer Peter Saxton so he can get used to the fleet and vice versa.
We now have Weathermark Boats and Winder Boats manufacturing high quality performance racing Fireballs which are both winning on the circuit, further more we have an excellent range of top class sail manufacturers that producing championship winning sails that are manufactured to high standards and have the durability to withstand the all conditions Fireballers take to the water in. The class also prides itself on sharing its knowledge through training and informal chats with championship crews and helms on how to get the best out of your Fireball.
It is with great pride that I look at Fireball class and see what a diverse class it is, with a growing youth section racing against expert senior helms and an incredibly, competitive and experienced lady helm section that seems to get stronger and grow every year, maybe it will be the turn of one of our ladies to win the Fireball Worlds?
The build-up for the 2015 Fireball Worlds has been three years in the planning, with a dedicated team has endeavouring to ensure the event will be successful for all sailors, especially for those who are attending their first World Championships, who will be new to the whole experience. The association will be on hand to give guidance on boat set up and tips on how to improve throughout the event. 
We have selected carefully, a sea venue which is of World Championship standard, that offers challenging conditions to some of the best dinghy sailors in the world and is safe for first time Fireballers, with the impressive Snowdonia National Park in the background. Potentially this could be the largest Dinghy Worlds in the UK for many years.
Have a great season Fireballing,  I hope to see you all at the 2015 Fireball Worlds if not before!
Jez White
UKFA Chairman

Open Meetings in April and May 

Grafham Water Sailing Club - Inland Championships 18th and 19th April 
Principal Race Officer for the 2015 Fireball World Championships Peter Saxton, will be in charge on the water at his home club for first Fireball Open at Grafham for a few years. Expect Championship Courses on this vast reservoir. Camping and Campervans onsite. 
Rock Sailing Club - 2nd - 4th May
Great mixture of sea and estuary over 3 days sailing on the Picturesque North Cornwall coast. A great venue for the Bank Holiday with beaches, sand dunes and even Michelin star restaurants on both sides of the Estuary. Rock is also home of Sharps Doom Bar Ale! Lots of accommodation available close to the club.
One day open at the friendly Cambridgeshire club.
Hayling Island Sailing Club 16th- 17th May 
2 Days Fantastic Sailing racing in Hayling Bay. Chichester  Fast growth has seen the Hayling Island Fireball fleet grow to one of the largest in the UK, with great onshore facilities including bar, restaurant and chandlery and onsite accommodation blocks. Camper vans spaces are bookable.
Scaling Dam 30th - 31st May 
The home fleet are ready to welcome visitors for 2 days of racing at this open reservoir nestled on the edge of the North York Moors. A new venue for this season. 

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