Grafham Grand Prix
Grafham Water SC

02/01/2022 - 02/01/2022


Bloody Mary
Queen Mary SC

08/01/2022 - 08/01/2022


King George Gallop
King George SC

22/01/2022 - 22/01/2022


Tiger Trophy
Rutland SC

05/02/2022 - 06/02/2022


Staunton Harold SC Open Meeting
Staunton Harold SC

25/03/2022 - 26/03/2022


CVRDA National Rally preview


CVRDA National Rally preview – The plywood revolution

After the initial post war success of clinker built National 12’s and Merlin Rockets, and factory built hot moulded boats such as the Firefly and Albacore, it became clear that there was a market for cheaper, home built boats.

During the late 1950’s and early 1960’s many hardchine plywood dinghy designs appeared, changing the look and feel of sailing clubs the length and breadth of the country. Many of these designs still dominate the sailing landscape. The Dick Wyche designed Graduate and Ian Proctor’s Wayfarer, Minisail and Gull were great successes, but it was Jack Holt who really caught the public’s imagination, with tens of thousands of GP 14’s, Enterprises, Mirrors and Solos being home built. At the faster end of the spectrum, Peter Milne’s Fireball brought high performance sailing to the masses. Abroad, the Vaurien was hugely popular in France, and the OK in Scandinavia.

The great news is that many of these craft have survived the test of time and are still sailing today. Many, though, are no longer competitive in one design racing against new, FRP examples of their designs. This is where the CVRDA comes in! If you happen to own a classic plywood (or GRP) version, built before 1985, of any of the above (or one of the many other designs to come out before 1965) and are free this Bank Holiday weekend, pop over to Llyn Clywedog in mid Wales (just a couple of hours from the Midlands, even with a boat behind) for 3 days of sailing, racing and celebrating the success of craft designed during the golden age of British dinghy design.

More detail can be found at www.cvrda.org


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