Worlds 2013 NOR and Newsletter

Hi, everybody! Finally we’re back!

After almost a year of preparation we are all set to launch the Fireball Europeans and Worlds preparations. Monthly we will bring important and interesting info in our Newsletters. And since we liked the date 12.12.2012 we have decided this to be the date for our 1st Newsletter in a “FBL series”. We are also attaching first 2 important documents: Notice of Race and Entry Form 

Beside our blog and Newsletters we will keep a good practice and post all the important documents in a special page “FBL Worlds 2013″.

So, welcome sailors and please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any info you might require. We’ll do our best to be as responsive as possible – we are all active in sailing and therefore often away for different events.

Click on the following link to download first Newsletter (officially: Newsletter No. 8 ).

And last but not least: let us thank Fireball International and Fireball Slovenia for choosing our team to be the operative organizer of the event. Book your tickets as it will be great! If you still are not sure, you can have a look at photos from our previous event – MPS Europeans in 2011 (click on following link). Hope you will find all the info useful and enjoy reading our Newsletters and blog,


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