Notts County First of the year

The annual Notts County First of the Year Race took place on January 1st 2014 at Notts County Sailing Club. The high wind forecast was making it touch and go as to if there would be racing, with gusts of 45 mph predicted (which did materialise later), but the slow build up of wind made the decision, it was go. The high wind gusts came through on the last lap, giving a few sailors a wake up call from the hangovers.

Over 25 competitors took part, with a good number of windsurfers, won by Guy Sprekley from Notts County.

The Fast handicap saw the two fireballs neck and neck for most of the race, Kevin Hope & Amy Clay just beating Richard Mason & John Rowell and winning the Goeff Parker Memorial trophy.

The slow handicap saw plenty of lasers, many with 4.7 rigs, a wise choice as it happens, and the rig Tim Cripps used to win the Phil Davis Challenge Trophy.

It was great to see 4 toppers sail round led by a good margin by Simon Gadsby, all but one finishing in difficult conditions, many of the topper only starting racing this summer, so it was quite an achievement.

After the debris was collected by the hardworking safety crew, a few windsurfers had a short sail, then all repaired to the bar for a pint and prize giving.

Overall Results:

Fast fleet for Geoff Parker Memorial Trophy
1st Kevin Hope & Amy Clay, Notts County SC in a Fireball
2nd Richard Mason & John Rowell, Notts County SC in a Fireball
3rd Peter Gray & Tim Hartley, Staunton Harold SC in a Scorpion

Slow fleet for Phil Davis Cup
1st Tim Cripps, Notts County SC in a Laser
2nd Martin Hallsworth, Welbeck SC in a Laser
3rd Kevin Nicholls, Notts County SC in a Laser

1st Simon Gadsby in a Topper
2nd Amy Hinliffe Smith in a Topper
3rd Chloe Willars in a Topper

1st Guy Sprekley, Notts County SC
2nd Gerry Ball, Notts County SC
3rd Ian Pilkington,Notts County SC

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