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27/01/2016 21:28:36

Tim Saunders
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Fireball Worlds 2016 South Africa 

The UKFA are organising a container(s) for those who want to take part in the 2016 Fireball World Championships.

If you are interested in a space in the container please reply to this post so as to help the organisers with assessing numbers

Further details including indicative costs will be available soon. At the current time the plan is for containers to leave the UK at the end of October. 

27/01/2016 22:06:08

Derian Scott
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Hi Tim, Andy and I are interested in a space in the container.
Can we reserve for Tom & Joe too?

28/01/2016 18:23:34

Richard Anderton
Posts: 0
Hi Tim,

Tom and I are going as well.



29/01/2016 10:15:32

Jean-francois Nouel
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Count me in
Vive la France :-)


29/01/2016 12:57:09

Barry Smith
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Him Tim, put me out.just a got find a good Helm to go with. Regards Barry Smith ( Millennium Falcon 14889).

01/02/2016 17:35:02

Keith Walker
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Tim, interested but await more details on costs and logistics. Keith

01/02/2016 19:34:13

Richard Anderton
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Hi all,

Most likely scenario at the moment:

Load late October (Possibly after an end of seasons on the 22/23rd); maybe midlands.

Cost - initial quote from Peters and May is in the region of 10k per container, plus the costs of the carnet.

We can get 9 boats in 1 container, and 19 in 2 (from memory). If the container is full, costs should not exceed 1,500 at absolute top, and I hope would be closer to 1,250.

Probably boat return in Feb.

29/02/2016 19:58:53

Barbara Newson
Posts: 0
Hi Tim

Please reserve a space for us.

Barbara & Guy

01/05/2016 08:13:49

Mike Murphy
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Has there been any more progress on the cost of shipping?

21/05/2016 13:01:51

Richard Anderton
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Hi all,

Using a South Africa shipping company brings the costs down. Depending on exact exchange rate, the container and shipping door to door is in the region of 7,000 - 7,500

This will put shipping in the region of 800 if we get a full container.

Please post if you are interested.



14/06/2016 17:40:41

Will Moody
Posts: 0
Hi Tim, I am definitely interested

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