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10/05/2016 13:55:06

Nigel Clark
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Hi - i have had serious pointing issues since replacing my (broken) cumulus with an Alto. Tried everything i can think of (jib up-down, in/out, plate raked/ not raked, kicker in-off...).  But she just does not want to point.  Sometimes 10 degrees off all those around. Madness.  Also feels sluggish.

Grateful for any thoughts (other than take up tiddlywinks...).

Nige Clark - 14948.

12/05/2016 18:01:29

Barry Smith
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Hi Nigel,  I have Alto Mast which use with T 10 North.The set I use 400mm spreader lenght 37mm pre bend set at 22'6" of rake. I only use the Alto when I crew the Fireball. Being 90kgs in weight. The Spreader are 5" lower than normal. We did Weymouth Dinghy Regatta last year it blowing all weekend.Set of 22'4" all weekend. We won the Event beat and out pointing some Top Merlin Rockets sailors.  What sail you use and give you maker a call. But there some many things that make a Fireball point.

I hope this helps regards Barry (14430 Mango Fett and 14889 Millennium Falcon)

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