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03/07/2010 12:56:09

Iain Anderson
Posts: 0
I am restoring an old wooden boat and the rigging isn't like anything I have seen in articles. There is a strange pulley arrangement at the front of the centreboard slot  with a wire strap and an alloy triangle with two ropes leading back to jams under the seat. What is this?

Also does anyone have a link to photos of this type of rigging?

Sorry but i am new


05/07/2010 08:31:15

Nick Hurst
Posts: 0

I'm not familiar with the arrangement you're describing, although I do seem to recall seeing one of those trianges many years ago - doing what I have no idea. Possibly somnething to do with rig tension or kicker if there's a lot of purchase involved. Have you looked around the Draycote Water site (http://www.draycotewater.co.uk/fleets/fireball/)? Loads of useful info. 

It is often a better solution to re-work the rigging rather in a simpler, more modern amnner than trying to make the best of something which perhaps didn't work very well in the first place. Very useful diagrams here: http://www.fireball-rigging.co.uk/schematic.html, and lots of links on the technical page of this site: http://www.fireballsailing.org.uk/page/page.php?editorial_id=18

I hope some this rambling is useful...


05/07/2010 17:51:22

Chris Turner
Posts: 0
Sounds as though it could be a kicker lever.  They were pretty much standard between the mid-seventies to mid-eighties.  Quite effective in comparison to winches and other earlier systems but not a patch on modern cascade systems. 

Chris Turner
FB 6 & 66

05/07/2010 19:58:02

Chris Turner
Posts: 0
An update to my earlier note: I have found a nice clear photo of a kicker lever in situ that was published in 'Faster Fireballs' in 1979.  The lever pictured was a tailor-made version but the principles used were identical to those that were (still are, I think) mass-produced. 

I don't think it is possible to upload the photo on this forum (if it is please will someone let me know how!) but can send it as an e-mail attachment if you let me have your e-mail address (again I presume the Forum doesn't have a private message facility.....?).


05/07/2010 21:13:50

Tim Saunders
Posts: 0
Hi Chris

Send me the picture and i will upload it to the site

no private message function i'm afraid. 


05/07/2010 22:12:52

Tim Saunders
Posts: 0
Click here to view extract from Faster Fireballs

06/07/2010 19:13:35

Iain Anderson
Posts: 0
absolutely brilliant.
I can work it out from that.

would be nice to try and keep things original I think.

thanks again guys.

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