Technical Information

This section contains the class rules, tuning guides and many other useful sources of information. Further contributions are always welcome.

Please note we are currently replacing or updating a good number of reference sources.  Those marked with an asterisk are currently off-line.

Class Rules

Tuning Guides

Pinnell and Bax

Hyde Sails

North Sails

Banks Sails

UKFA Tuning Guides




Rigging and Boat Building

Notes from the Forum


Pimp My Dinghy Articles

During 2007 Yachts and Yachting magazine ran the Pimp My Dinghy competition. The winner was Kirsten with her seriously knackered Fireball. The following articles  kindly provided by Yachts and Yachting chart the refurbishment process from first stages through to competing at the 2007 Fireball National Championships.

Fireball Layout - 14830

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