Wanted - Fireball measurer in the South-West!

Wanted! A Fireball measurer in the South-West!

Demand for full measurers and for sail measurers is nowhere near as strong as it used to be but suitably accredited individuals are still required.

UKFA has undertaken a review of coverage and is looking to appoint a full measurer in the South-West of England.

The appointee must be resident in the South-West and be committed to the long term future of the Fireball class. UKFA will provide in-house training for hull and spar measurement but the appointee will be required to attend a RYA sail measuring course and provide his or her own basic measurement equipment such as tape measure, ink pens etc. The Association will pay half the cost of the RYA course.

If you are interested in knowing more please contact Chris Turner or Ian Castle in the first instance.

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