Sail Measurement

When you have purchase a new set of sails these will need to be measured by an approved UK Fireball Association Sail Measurer. In exchange for measurement of your sails a small fee will be payable. Sails are stamped and signed.

The following people are currently approved sail measurers:

  • Vince Horey - South East (Herts / Essex) 01920 877474 or 07740 816611
  • Gavin Tilson - South (Oxfordshire)
  • Becky Priest - Midlands (Nottingham) 0115 846 9205 or 07974 129046
  • Martin Walker - South East (Brighton) 01273 328190 or 07977 008172
  • Chris Turner - South (Emsworth) 01243 371236 or 07740 785763

Boat Measurement

If you buy a brand new Fireball fully fitted out it will normally be supplied measured. If you choose to fit out your boat yourself it will need to be weighed and/or measured before a certificate can be issued.

Measurement at International Events

At European and World Championships full measurment of the boat will take place. This is undertaken by a team of measurers at the event and a 10 minute slot will be allocated.

This will involve:

  1. Weighing the hull - this is done using an extremely accurate electronic balance.
  2. Measurement of hull
  3. Measurement of mast bands
  4. Weighing of mast tip weight
  5. Weighing of rudder
  6. Weighing and checking shape of centreboard
  7. Checking spinnaker pole dimensions


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