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13/06/2012 09:47:25

Dale Giles
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Just wondering if we have any results from the Rock open, I want to see what would of happened if I had kept my 3rd LOL. Also cant see a report for it either. 

13/06/2012 12:56:49

Chris Turner
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Hi Dale,

I've been keeping an eye open for the results but no joy other than 1st and 2nd places.  No doubt they'll appear on the Rock SC website in due course but in the meantime does anyone have the full results sheet they can PDF to me (  

Chris Turner
FBs 6, 66 & 14463

13/06/2012 14:46:25

Richard Anderton
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Hi Both,

I managed to pick up a paper copy of results. Been a little busy, but hope to get them onto the league shortly.

Chris - I'll send over a copy as soon as I type them up.

Dale - quick look shows that you may have climbed 2 places if you had retained 3rd :-)


13/06/2012 15:57:37

Dale Giles
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Guys I have just found them, not easy:

They put me down as Torquay SC, need to correct that to Paignton Sailing Club.

13/06/2012 16:38:07

Chris Turner
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Great!  Thanks Dale.

I'll upload them (with your club amended) in a while.  Got a few to do now....


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